1. Thlew
    二月 13, 2009 @ 4:10 下午

    I cannot agree with you more. You have got the issue right, loud and clear: anyone, it does not matter who he is, whether a god of Chinese education or some holy man, must pay for his crime and misconduct.

    In the case of Loot, it is so pathetic that his misconduct which started many years ago,was only exposed recently by the victim herself in her own blog, not mainstream mass media, when Loot is in his 80s!

    Instead of sympathising with her and helping her, Loot’s supporters are trying to run her down. Where is the sense of justice and fairness of these people who are suppoosed to be guardians of Chinese education and moral values?

    In fact, such a personality should get heavier punishment since he has been enjoying almost blind trust and respect of the community and interest he is serving.

    Like the pastors of churches who are accused of sodomising innocent boys whose parents had almost absolute trust in them, they have to face severe punishment and be prevented from preaching the words of God.

    These are simply criminals hiding under the cover of the holy deity or cause they are supposed to be fighting or sacrificing for.

    Their supporters are also guilty of allowing him to get bolder by shielding him from public censure from the early days.

    Congratulations! You are the few who have the guts to point out the truth.

  2. Khengsiong
    三月 18, 2009 @ 2:18 下午